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A Message from Our President

A Message from Our President
Aiming to be a company the world trusts and celebrates, we will continually challenge ourselves with developing new products.

Since our founding in 1907, we at Wakayama Senko have devoted ourselves to the dyeing trade and carried an undefeatable spirit that helped us overcome the postwar years. Ever sensitive to the trends of the world around us, we continue today to pursue those things we alone can deliver. We place the utmost confidence in the artisanal technology that has been passed down since our founding. This technology is not simply related to the processes of dyeing but also includes the artisanal sensibilities we have inherited over the years. With "technology" and "artisanal sensibilities" as our most prominent strengths, we have recently begun expanding our product lineup and initiated endeavors into fields uncharted for us, such as fashion, product design and planning. With the adoption of digital printing, we have also been able to achieve great reductions in the time required for product delivery. In these ever-changing times, we promise to keep moving forward in order to become a company essential to society that brings forth new possibilities for the dyeing industry.

President Yoshihiro Takagaki